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This fundraiser supports Source of Life Radio-Ratanakiri, Cambodia (P70018)

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About This Fundraiser

As someone who is blind I gain much from audio, and desire to share this along with the good news of the gospel with others. Please consider joining me in this effort.

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About Source of Life Radio-Ratanakiri, Cambodia (P70018)

Project number P 70018 - Cambodia Media Ministries

The "Source of Life" has been broadcasting Christian radio in Ratanakiri province for 3 years.  Christian programs are produced and broadcast in the 4 languages of Khmer, Krung/Brao, Jorai, and Tampuan for 90 min/day.

Your donation will help both believers and non-believers take the next step forward in their faith. Villagers in NE Cambodia from the Krung/Brao, Jorai, Tampuan, and Khmer people groups are illiterate and live in isolated villages. The daily Source of Life Christian radio broadcast may be their only opportunity to hear God’s word in their language.

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