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About Equipping Youth 4 Japan

We long to support and encourage the local Japanese church. To do that, we are passionate about supporting LINK TOKYO which is ministering to young adults in their 20s and 30s in order to reach the next generation in Japan.

LINK functions as a link between young adult adults and churches in the Tokyo area together.

So join us by linking hands with Japan! You can participate by creating links across America.

What sorts of things does linking include?

  • Linking hands as a group and praying for the youth and church of Japan.
  • Linking to resources about Japan on your social media and go live with prayer times for Japan.
  • Linking with a pastor, parent, or friend to mobilize prayer and support for Japan.
  • Or, participate in any other activity, whether it’s cycling, running, or mountain climbing.

Choose your activity and #GetMoving4Mission.

You can check out pictures and videos in the Gallery above, and you can give to this cause by using the donation buttons on the right. And if you'd like to link with us, please join our team!

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