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This fundraiser supports JiaEn Ministry Project (L62025)

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For this Christmas season, provide for the mission to evangelize the un reached and spread the good news of the Gospel. Taiwan is a beautiful country and my desire is to see its Church grow in abundance.

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About JiaEn Ministry Project (L62025)

Our vision is to see people radically transformed; the community set free from bondage, families restored, individuals know their sense of worth and a belonging that stems from knowing our Creator God who is sovereign over all and yet intimately cares for each one.

Xushan village in Liuying is known as “the village of angry ghosts”. A forgotten and neglected village of working class families and elderly. Through partnership with a local Christian school teacher and her after-school ministry the JiaEn Ministry Team strives to see lives transformed through the declaration and discipleship of God’s Gospel of hope.

Many of the families in this village carry heavy burdens; alcoholism, abuse, single parent households, a parent in jail, children with grandparents because their parents work in other cities and send back money or have abandoned their children altogether. Many of the youth have no interest in school and the temple gangs are quite appealing to them.

Our local partner, Susie, has been teaching and ministering in Xushan now for six years. She has opened her home as an after-school program to assist 30+ elementary and junior high youth with homework and teach math, reading, science, art, and English. They also provide meals for many of these kids, and make home visits to families to help counsel them through difficulties. Slowly the kids' behavior has begun to change; from angry, disinterested, sad, disrespectful, and refusing to talk, to kind, helpful, engaged, hopeful, and happy. The villagers have started to take notice and have been deeply touched by the care for their children.

The JiaEn Ministry Team seeks to meet both physical and spiritual needs of youth and families in our community. In addition to serving at our partner's after-school program, we have begun a children’s Sunday school and a youth group, and hope one day to start an adult Bible study. We also do regular outreaches throughout the year.

Funds from the JiaEn Ministry Project will enable us to purchase supplies for our center, outreach events, and Bible studies. If there are physical needs within the community, these funds would provide clothing, bedding, household items, and food to those families in need.



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