Moving 4 Cambodia

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This fundraiser supports Caring 4 Cambodia

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About This Fundraiser

I'm passionate about mental health. Join me in raising support and awareness about the mental health needs in Cambodia! From November 1-December 3 I'll be prayer walking 5 days a week and advocating for mental health in Cambodia. Would you pray about sponsoring me?

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About Caring 4 Cambodia

Cambodia’s recent traumatic history has made the need for counseling services complex and critical. There are few people who are able to provide these services in the Khmer language, or at a price that the average Cambodian can afford.

It is our passion to raise the support needed for counseling services in Cambodia.

Join us in Caring 4 Cambodia by completing an activity of your choice.

Some members of the team will get moving by:

  • Prayer walking five days a week.
  • Crocheting for Cambodia.
  • Cycling.
  • Camping with kids for Cambodia.
  • And…even a different activity each day.

What activity will you choose?

You can check out pictures and videos in the Gallery above, and you can give to this cause by using the donation buttons on the right. And if you'd like to get moving with us, please join our team!

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