Arts & Missions Team to Philippines

Arts & Missions Team to Philippines

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About This Project

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An Arts & Missions Trip to the Philippines, 7/17-7/29

Our Missions

Our team, consisting of Danny Ko, Paul AuYeung, Shillane Chenand our leader Tobey Chui from OMF, is eager to go on this journey. We will travel to different places and immerse ourselves in their local arts, cultures, and communities. Our mission is to learn about the missions fields, engage with diverse people of various cultures and faiths, and make a positive impact for His Kingdom. As missional artists, we blend creativity with purpose to foster meaningful connections and experiences, sharing the love of God with those who have yet to experience it.

About the Philippines

The Philippines, an archipelago of 7,641 islands, has an estimated population of 118 million, representing 1.4% of the world's population, making it the twelfth most populous country. Manila, the capital, is highly populated. The country has 202 people groups, with 29 unreached, totaling nearly 6 million. Christianity is the largest religion, with 11% being evangelical. Filipino and English are the official languages, alongside 120 other languages. Known as Filipinos (Filipinas) or colloquially as Pinoys (Pinays), they live in a region prone to earthquakes and typhoons due to its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire and near the equator. The Philippines boasts significant biodiversity, and family is central to Filipino communities, often with multiple generations or families living together.


Optimism, humor, and positivity are highly valued in the Philippines. In a country often facing natural calamities, these traits serve as coping mechanisms, like children laughing to hide embarrassment. The phrase "bahala na," meaning "whatever happens, happens," reflects Filipinos' adaptability, quick thinking, and belief in a higher power. Spirituality, deeply rooted in Filipino culture, includes pre-colonial animism and established Islam in the southern islands. Additionally, Filipinos are naturally hospitable.


In the Philippines, 18.1% of the population lived below the national poverty line in 2021, representing 25% of the population. With increasing urbanization, a growing middle class, and a large young population, the Philippines' economic growth is rooted in strong consumer demand supported by the labor market and overseas remittances. However, families still struggle for basic needs like food, water, and education. Sex trafficking and child labor are still a problem.

How to Support Us?

You're cordially invited to partner with us through prayer and financial support via this donation page. Your generous contribution not only supports our missions but also lets us reach communities that are yet to be reached. The total cost for each team member is $2,000. Your donation will support our trip in terms of travel, lodging, ministry expenses, and art supplies for the locals. We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider supporting our missions. Pray that we can unite in prayer, seeking God's guidance as we journey into new endeavors together!


Tobey Chui
Arts in Mission Advocate
On Behalf of the Arts and Missions Team 2024

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