Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I can’t find my worker?

As you probably know, several of our workers are in situations where it would be unwise to post their full name. We apologize for the difficulty this creates in searching for them and thank you for your understanding. If you cannot find someone on our site, please contact your worker for their unique URL, or call our Donations Supervisor at 303-730-4193.

Can I see my previous offline gifts on the Partner Hub site?

Unfortunately, no. If you need a combined statement for tax purposes or have other questions about your previous offline gifts, please contact

What are the fees associated with online giving?

  • Credit Cards:                 3.7% + $0.30. So a $100 gift would have a fee of $4.00
  • ACH (Bank Transfer):   .6%.

For other ways to give offline without fees, see

How do I verify my bank?

There are 2 ways to verify your bank account.  The first is to choose the recommended method of logging into your bank account online through Partner Hub.  Simply follow the directions given when you set up your payment method.

The second is a process called micro-deposit bank verification. Simply put, Partner Hub will place 2 very small deposits into your account and ask you to confirm the amounts. This helps protect you from online fraud.

You will only need to do this process once and will receive full instructions once you check out.

How do I change my recurring gift?

If you created a recurring gift on the Partner Hub site, then you can make changes under the “My Profile” section of your profile. Click on "Monthly Giving", then "Update Donation".

If you created the recurring gift outside of Partner Hub (such as through an Automatic Donation Plan), then please contact

How can I give offline?

Partner Hub accepts online giving in the form of credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks. For other ways to give, see

How can I give to OMF workers sent by other (non-U.S.) countries? Unfortunately, Partner Hub is only set up to receive donations for workers sent from the U.S. For a list of ways to give offline to those sent by another OMF sending country, please see

What if I’d like to give a personal gift directly to a worker? All donations made on Partner Hub are tax-deductible and go toward your worker's ministry budget. As a result, we cannot accept non-tax-deductible "personal gifts" like a birthday gift on this website. If you would like to give a personal gift, please see

Is it better to give a one-time gift or a monthly/yearly recurring gift? 
Workers appreciate whatever level of support you feel comfortable with. Recurring gifts allow workers to budget more accurately and confidently.

What happens when I start giving? 
You'll get a receipt from the Partner Hub site, and a Thank You letter from OMF. Unless you've given anonymously, you'll also receive updates from the worker(s) you're supporting. 

What happens to the money I've given if a new worker that I'm helping raise initial support can't reach their target? 
In the case of new workers raising initial support before they join the ministry, we recommend using the “Pledge/Defer Giving” option. This option allows you to make a commitment without starting your giving until the worker's ministry begins.

What if I can't afford to give? Are there other ways I can support a worker I know?
Workers always appreciate prayer support. In addition, we encourage you to ask them if there are specific needs you can help with. For example, workers temporarily returning to the U.S. for home assignment may need a vehicle to use or help getting settled in a short-term residence during their stay. You might also consider hosting a fundraising event. 

Can I just give the money directly to my friend instead of going through Partner Hub? 
While there is a tax benefit to you by giving through Partner Hub, it also helps the worker. Money given directly to them still must be reported which becomes a management issue for the worker. Giving through Partner Hub allows workers to focus more of their time on their ministry tasks.

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