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Candace Tzeng

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About This Project

Hi Friend!

I am officially going to serve with OMF International in Japan from April 2020 to January 2022 in the OMF Japan Finance Manager role.

What will I be doing?

As a part of the Finance Manager role, I will be working closely with the Finance Director in helping the Japan Field with budgeting and finances in the OMF Japan Headquarters office in Ichikawa (near Tokyo). The majority of the work will be done in the office, but during the yearly budget, I will have the opportunity to travel throughout Japan to meet up with all of the missionaries to discuss their budgets and plans for the year. While my main role is to serve in the finance department, I am hoping to also get involved in a local church and reach out to the people I encounter in my daily life perhaps through sports or campus ministries. 

Why am I going?

My ultimate goal for this trip is to discern if God is leading me to serve in Japan for a longer period of time and in what capacity, whether it is remaining in the finance department or in another role. I don’t know what the outcome of the trip will be, but I want to explore what part God may have for me in bringing the hope of the Gospel to Japan.


If you would like to partner with me in reaching Japan, here are some of the ways you can!


  • Please pray for me to prepare well spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before I go

  • Please pray for me to find good community in Japan (I don’t want to be lonely ☹)

  • Please pray for the people of Japan to come to know Christ 

  • Please pray for all the Christians in Japan to find encouragement in one another in community 

Monthly Updates

I will be posting updates on my blog monthly so please subscribe if you would like to hear more about my journey:


If you would like to partner with me financially, please visit my OMF Partner Hub page (that you are currently on):

If you feel led to support me in any way, please fill out the google form so I know how to keep in touch with you, thank you so much for your support! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!

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