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Kyong Yu

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About This Project

I have been appointed to Taiwan by OMF International as a missionary associate for two years to learn about and prepare myself for a life of long-term mission work.

About Me

Early life, upbringing, and salvation testimony -> leading to my call to missions:

If possible, I would love to meet and share this personally.
Nevertheless, please click here to listen to my church presentation.

Based on my life experiences and how God has shaped me, I have developed a heart to share about the Heavenly Father and the love of God that we can experience through Jesus Christ.

Three verses that define my mission to go:

My sense of urgency - John 3:16-18

Those that do not believe are already condemned. I want to bring the good news to them, that they may know and be saved.

The need to go – Romans 10:14-17

Someone must bring the news to them. Someone must go, and God has called me to go.

Sharing to the unreached – Romans 15:20

My passion lies within reaching out to the unreached people groups.

Short-term Mission Trips:

  • Thailand 2008
  • Mongolia 2010
  • Mexico 2010
  • India 2013
  • Cambodia 2015, 2016

A question I had after every mission: “Who will disciple those that want to learn more?”
Especially since most places did not have local churches or Christian support.

Matthew 28: 19-20
I want to go and make disciples.

Country: Taiwan

  • Major Religion: Mixture of Buddhism, Taoism, Folk Religion ~90%
  • Taiwanese folk religion is animistic, polytheistic, and syncretistic.
  • Working class Christians ~0.5%
    • Laborers, drivers, shop-workers, farmers, hairdressers, and small-business owners.
  • Hard to find a Bible teaching church and very easy to go to a local house temple
  • Taiwan has one of the highest divorce rates in Asia.

With less than 1% of Taiwan’s 15 million working class knowing Jesus Christ, it is a country full of the unreached people group that I have developed a passion for.

There are many local temples, but barely any churches around amongst the working class. Since local temples are dominant and widespread within the country, it’s easier for the people to seek out and pray at temples when needing spiritual guidance.

With Taiwan having one of the highest divorce rates in Asia, my heart immediately wanted to reach out to all the broken families. Through the hardships that I personally went through, I want to share about the Heavenly Father, the love that He brings, and about Jesus Christ who made it all possible.

Two-Year Associate Plan

  • For the first six months, I will be in Taichung, mainly focusing on an intensive culture and language learning course while helping at a local church plant. I will be learning mandarin so that I will be able to talk directly with the people.
  • The exact specifics for the next 18 months will be decided by the Taiwan Field Director with OMF International based on the timing and what they are currently experiencing/working on.
  • I will likely be reaching out to the lower-tier university students who will soon be the next working class.
  • I will be aiding with church plants based on where I am staying.
  • I will also assist some short-term teams that come throughout the year.


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