Lizzy & Cheryl Alexandr

Lizzy & Cheryl Alexandr

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About This Project

Previous to coming to Taiwan we lived in and ministered to a working class community in Dayton, MN. Cheryl was an Educational Instructor in the Osseo school district, started an after school homework club and began building into young girls. Lizzy did security for Sonshine Music Festival, began mentoring teen boys. We built bridges with neighbors via working with their children (homework club, bringing kids to church, craft projects, movie nights, hanging out/mentoring kids) and then forming a direct relationship with the parents (visiting their homes, listening and talking with them, meeting basic needs). Over the years we have seen God move in mighty ways. Through the power of the Gospel, we have seen the strongholds of addiction, abuse, and hopelessness give way to true life (John 10:10).

In August of 2015 we came to Taiwan to work with OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship, formerly CIM, China Inland Mission). Recently, we became a part of a team of four in rural Taiwan who live and minister in Puxin Township. It is is a small township with many small factories and farms. It is very traditional and very working class. It is known for it’s production of grapes, mango, and guava. Puxin has 29 registered temples but there are many more unregistered temples as well as small “home” temples in almost every lane. Currently, there are only two church congregations, with an average of 20-30 members. Puxin has a population of around 35,200 people, so that means only 0.068% have a relationship with the God of the Bible. Through God’s grace, and only his grace, we long to see a house church in each of the 20 villages of Puxin and disciples in every family.


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