Matt & Karla Lyle

Matt & Karla Lyle

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About This Project

May 2023 Prayer Letter

Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.  (1 Cor 7:17 ESV)

Changes Ahead

The past few years have been full of changes.  Matt retired from the Navy and started working in Singapore back in 2015.  Our twin sons returned to the US in 2016 to attend university.  Our youngest son left Singapore to study in Korea in 2019, leaving us with an empty nest.  Karla graduated from Singapore Bible College with a Master of Arts in Counseling later that year.  Then in March 2020, Matt quit work to pursue a Master of Divinity, also at Singapore Bible College.  In April 2022, Karla was certified as a registered clinical counselor with the Singapore Association of Counsellors.  As Matt’s graduation approached, we wondered where God would call us.  We felt God’s calling to remain in Southeast Asia but did not have a specific place in mind.  Also, Southeast Asia is quite large.  Fortunately, God has a great sense of humor!  We thought He was calling us to make a big move, but He just wants us to stay put.  We have been given an opportunity to serve at OMF International, whose headquarters is here in Singapore.  We will serve full-time, with Matt as Facilities Manager and Karla as the Guest Home Manager at the OMF Guest Home and Conference Center.  In our spare time, Matt will continue serving at Crossroads International Church, and Karla will continue her counseling ministry.

Giving Thanks

We are thankful that the Lord is allowing us to continue with our current ministries while also taking on the additional roles with OMF.  OMF is a global fellowship of Christians with a heart for East Asia (learn more about OMF here).  Although we are not being called to a specific country, our roles assist OMF in preparing prospective missionaries to many countries, highlighting the importance of leading the life that God has called us, wherever that is.

About Us

Matt grew up in Milton, Florida.  Karla moved around frequently as her father served in the US Navy.  We met in High School, dated, and were married shortly before Matt graduated from university.  We have been married for over 29 years and have three adult sons: Jacob and Joshua, age 26 (twins), and Michael, age 22.

We have moved many times during our marriage due to Matt’s Navy career.  Fortunately, we have found many great churches that have mentored us along the way, allowed us to participate in various ministries, and encouraged us to further seek God’s will for our lives.


Following God’s will means relying on God’s provision rather than our own efforts.  Remaining in Singapore forces us to rely on God’s provision rather than Matt’s Navy pension.  Due to Singapore’s high cost of living and the government’s strict requirements for foreigners working in Singapore (there is no exception for unpaid missionaries), we need to raise USD 1,100 USD (1,500 SGD) / per month to serve in Singapore.


Thanks for praying for us and with us.

By God’s grace,

Matt and Karla Lyle



  • Safe travels while visiting the US from 20 May to 2 July
  • 1,100 USD (1,500 SGD) / month is needed to meet our support budget.


  • God’s provision over the past three years while Matt has attended seminary and his provision of a clear direction on where we are to serve him next.
  • Matt completed his course of study at Singapore Bible College and graduated with a Master of Divinity on 5 May.


20 May            Travel to the US to visit family and friends

2-3 July           Return to Singapore to attend OMF Orientation Course


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OMF (U.S.)

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