Ralph & Miho Clatworthy

Ralph & Miho Clatworthy

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About This Project

Ralph & Miho Clatworthy

Contact: Ralph.Clatworthy@omfmail.com

"My name shall be great among the nations", says the Lord Almighty. (Malachi 1:11)

Ralph and Miho are ministering in many areas to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Japanese people:

* Church staff
* Preparing outreach for Tokyo Olympics 2020
* Wedding ministry
* Writing tracts
* Guest preaching
* Street evangelism

*** We returned to the US in July 2018 for our regular Home Assignment. We will be in the US until early summer 2019. Contact us to arrange for a visit to your church while we are back!

*** By God's grace we hope to return to Japan in summer 2019 to carry on our ministry, especially as we help to prepare Christian outreach for Tokyo Olympics 2020.


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