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About This Project


Thank you for your friendship and support! 


I was hoping to go serve in Japan earlier this year, but as with many other things, COVID drastically changed that plan. But after many months of waiting, I will hopefully be able to go in March 2021 and serve for the next year!

I will be serving at a church called CONNECT in Yokohama. The church speaks a mixture of English and Japanese and the congregation is also a mix of native Japanese and international people.  As part of the team, I will be able to support the church with their weekly activities such as worship, sermon planning, and outreach events, while also having the freedom to meet, interact, and live life with Japanese people! 


The population of Japan is less than 1% Christian while also having some of the highest rates of depression and sucide in the world. As a follower of Christ, I hope that I can be a light to the people I will be living among, in Japan, and be able to share the love of Jesus with them as I develop relationships during the year I am there.  

 I hope that over the next year, God will reveal more of His plan for my future, and I will be able to discern if it is His desire for me to continue with full time ministry in Japan or something totally different.  Ultimately I want to be faithful to God’s calling of me, whatever that may be.


I definitely can't do this alone! If you would like to partner with me in reaching the people of Japan, here are some of the ways you can!

Please Pray That:

  • The people of Japan will to come to know the love of Jesus 

  • The Christians in Japan will hold tight to their faith

  • I will prepare well mentally, spiritually, and emotionally

  • I will trust God in the uncertainty and changes

Talk to me!

I really appreciate you being in my life, and I hope that I can continue to share life with you even on my journey to Japan!  In order to best keep in touch, please fill out this google form so that I know the best ways to keep in touch with you:


If you would like to partner with me financially, please visit my OMF Partner Hub page:

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