Rose Ackerman

Rose Ackerman

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About This Project

Hello! I'm Rose Ackerman, and I will be serving in the UK. 

I discovered OMF during quarantine in 2020 and fell in love with the organization and the people. 

OMF is working to bring the gospel to East Asia. Just as an example: Japan has a population of around 127 million and evangelical Christianity is less than 1%. There is a great need for everyone in East Asia to hear the good news of Jesus.

I will be interning with the OMF UK communications team for about a year, focusing on improving my skills in media, such as graphic design, video and writing, and social media. Everything we work on is to raise awareness of the work that OMF is doing. During my internship, I will also get the chance to go to East Asia, where I will work with the missionaries directly and work on a project with them. 

I am here to ask you for support. Whether that’s in the form of a financial donation or in prayer, I would love your support as I take the next step in my walk with God. The amount I'm raising will go towards covering the cost of transportation, training, and living expenses during my trip.

I will also need prayer support as I prepare for the challenges ahead of me: living in a new and different culture and constantly giving of myself in service. Please pray that I will have God's strength and that my life will show the personal relationship I have with Christ. 

Thank you for your generosity!


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