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About This Project

Updated 5/26/22. Thank you for praying!!


  • Praise God that our church now meets for free in a space run by a non-profit Christian org. Thank God for their generosity and partnership. 
  • Praise God that I have survived the hottest part of the year! 
  • I'm thankful for wonderful friendships here in Phnom Penh. I feel well-supported.

Here are some ways you can pray:

  • Please pray that Rose and her family would come to know Christ. She and I have had some conversations about God and the Bible recently. Pray that God would water the seeds he has planted in her heart. 
  • Please pray for Vanna, who comes over to make Khmer food for me and Emily. Pray that she would recognize her need for forgiveness. Pray that she finds hope in Christ's salvation. 
  • Please pray that God would protect the children in the Stung Meanchey community (where our church is located). There have been reports of abuse, and our church is trying to help one of the victims. Pray for justice.
  • Please pray that the Stung Meanchey (urban poor) church leaders would grow in their dependence on Christ. Specifically, pray that God would prepare Veasna to lead with holiness and humility. 
  • Please pray for Srey to grow in intimacy with Jesus, that her full work schedule would not distract her from time with the Lord.
  • Please pray that I will grow in my dependence on the Holy Spirit. I want to live and work out of God's love, and I want to know the Holy Spirit more intimately. 



After serving as a Writer and Editor on the OMF (U.S.) Communications team for 8 years, I'm transitioning to a new position.

This new chapter will take me to Cambodia, where I will serve in a dual role: 1) I will write stories about God’s work to raise awareness for local needs, and 2) I will learn the Khmer language to build relationships and partner with discipleship efforts in the local church. 

I've been drawn to Cambodia because of the stories of hope and healing I've heard from Cambodian Christians who suffered through the genocide or have lived with its fallout. The deadly regime brought devastation to every level of society, including the church. 

But, despite pain and persecution, God is doing a work in this country. Cambodians who have found Christ testify to miraculous healing and an unimaginable hope. It's a hope that's spreading to their families and, I pray, will continue spreading throughout the entire nation.

I'm here to bear witness to God's love for this people, and to be part of his work in some small way.

If you'd like to learn more about what I'll be doing in Cambodia, I'd love to hear from you at


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