Timothy Alianello

Timothy Alianello

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About This Project

Hi Everyone! If you’ve spoken with me at all in the last few years, we’ve probably had at least one conversation where I told you about my love for Japanese history and culture. Alongside those interests, God had given me a desire to be a part of bringing His kingdom to the Japanese people, and in keeping with these aspects I am very excited to have an opportunity to be a part of just that, by serving for a year with OMF International’s Serve Asia Program in Japan, starting in March. 

OMF International is the modern incarnation of Hudson Taylor’s China Inland Mission, and they have been working in Japan for over 50 years. This opportunity allows me to practically leverage my skills and efforts to support OMF in their mission, by serving as a manager at their guest home in Ichikawa City, in the Kanto region (for those with little geographical knowledge of the county I’ll basically be in the Tokyo mega sprawl). As the manager of the guest home I will be supporting OMF staff and partners by providing a welcoming and helpful place to stay as they come and go from the Kanto region!

I would like to ask you for your prayer support as I embark on this service in several specific ways:

  • That the Lord would help me to always have a servant’s heart and a love for those other OMF workers who will pass through my sphere so that I can support and encourage them well.

  • That I will learn well from the challenges I encounter and experience great growth, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

  • That I will be able to contribute to the growth and thriving of the Church in Japan as I join in fellowship with them during my time there.

  • For spiritual protection in the country’s dark spiritual environment. 

  • That the Lord will provide what I need for this trip quickly - visa and finances.

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